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Ultrasonic Leak Detectors.Ultrasound is the newest technology for leak detection.

Sniffer Type Leak Detectors

Gas Specific Detectors

Helium, Hydrogen, Refrigerants (Freon), CO2

Stationary and Portable

Compressed Air Flow Meters. Compressed air is the workhorse of factory life. Learn about our meter products


Temperature Measurement


Fluids Analysis - Oil, Coolant, Grease

 Condition Monitors.

General Maintenance and Inspection Solutions.

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Solutions. PPM is the latest buzz word to increase efficiency.

Mechanical Inspection Solutions.

Common Leak Types

At some point, nearly every industrial or factory product will leak, as will nearly every gaseous or liquid-containing part of any HVAC system or machine. Explore some of our leak detectors for some of the most common leak types such as helium leak detectors, leak detectors for compressed air, freon leak detectors and more. We also sell steam trap leak detectors, as well as refrigerant and hydrogen leak detectors.

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